Our Telematics Solution

Put what you need to know right at your fingertips

GearJot’s Activity Feed makes knowing what’s going on in your company as easy as taking a scroll through your favorite social media app.

GearJot’s Telematics Solution

Our partner in telematics hardware and connectivity has been in the M2M industry for over 25 years. Specializing in M2M, IoT, T1, Legacy Equipment Transition, DSo, PSTN, SCADA telemetry and more, their expertise is second-to-none. The data gathered will not only keep you informed about basic fleet management concerns — e.g. where your gear is in real-time and how it’s performing — it will also grant you deep insight into what is and isn’t working across your fleet, company, job sites, personnel and more.

In many ways, data remains a new frontier. As more and more machine- and equipment-centered industries and companies embrace it, however, it’s fast-becoming THE new frontier.

Staying in the black takes good decision-making, and good decision-making requires accurate and pertinent information. Data pulled from the field every 15 minutes is vastly more accurate and pertinent than end-of-the-year, or even quarterly, reports.  To compete, businesses need to leverage their gear and assets in the service of making good decisions.

So put your construction vehicles, OTR fleets, stoplights, parking meters, fixed plants and more to work. Telematics data can help you lower costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency. Find out more about how our telematics solution can help meet your business’s most pressing needs. Contact us today.

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