GearJot makes gear and asset management easier, more intuitive, more collaborative and more profitable.

Whether you roll in mining machinery in South America or oversee a small, mixed fleet construction company in Ohio, GearJot has simple solutions to make your work — and your life — easier.

Started by David Macfarlan of Macfarlan Machinery in 2015, our straightforward app simplifies gear- and site-specific work by enabling users to streamline operations, decrease downtime, gather data, improve productivity, fatten margins and, generally speaking, get a lot more done with a lot less hassle.

Totally Customizable

Our features and tools can be defined according to your specific use and detailed needs. Want something we don’t have? We designed GearJot to be nimble enough to accommodate most use cases. Just let us know what you need.

Offline Capable

No data, no WiFi, no problem. GearJot works in the field and under the Earth. Schedule Tasks. Fill out Forms. Start a Jot, or respond to a Service Alert. The app works even when you’re offline, so there’s never a snag in your processes..

Easy to Use

With an Activity Feed that feels and acts like your favorite social media app, GearJot’s learning curve is fast and forgiving. Your entire team — from executives to trench operators —will find the interface and tools second nature.

Integration Ready

Already have a telematics provider and hardware you love? No problem. GearJot can aggregate data from mixed fleets, and we seamlessly integrate with other telematics providers, saving you money and reducing extra work.

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