For anything

Track, monitor, maintain and optimize anything, everywhere.

Improve processes. Ramp up performance. Streamline operations. See the Big Picture, and get down to the nitty gritty at the same time. Our tools simplify asset and gear management so you can meet today’s challenges faster and more effectively.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

  • Aggregate telematics from all your assets so you can see and know what’s working and what isn’t
  • Improve ROI by monitoring and responding to everything in real-time, from unscheduled repairs to accidents and site inspections
  • Track mileage, cost, communication and more for every project, person and piece of gear in your company

Boost Asset Utilization

  • Lower total cost of ownership for every asset, including fixed plants, shops and buildings
  • Keep safety front and center with customized Forms, automated Tasks and a collaborative Jots tools that ensures nothing falls through the cracks
  • Keep track of and easily access every machine and location’s detailed history

Increase Productivity

  • Automated and user-defined Service Alerts allow team members to focus on work that matters
  • Save time and money eliminating paperwork and digitizing workflow
  • Reduce costly, unplanned downtime, while simultaneously improving safety with robust and automated Preventive Maintenance plans

Strengthen Communication

  • Intuitive Activity Feed keeps your team in the loop about every piece of equipment, job site and project
  • Never miss another comment, idea or question. GearJot works even when you’re offline
  • Create, fill out, submit and respond to inspections and reports  from anywhere using any device

Enhance Efficiency

  • Pull data on every asset, no matter how fixed or small
  • Keep potential issues from becoming problems with automated Tasks and Service Alerts
  • Collaborate and connect across time and distance with tools optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop

Improve Safety and Compliance

  • Forms tool allows for total customization to ensure compliance with OSHA, MSHA, CCOHS, etc.
  • Automatically schedule preventive maintenance, safety inspections, regulatory body site visits, trainings and more
  • Generate and gather safety-related data for every asset so when the devil’s in the details you can find him

GearJot simplifies many of the complex processes associated with gear and asset management. Learn more about we can save you time and money through telematics and other tools that streamline operations and workflow.